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32TB of Windows 10 internal builds, core source code leak online • The Register -

mastodon instance list is not working correctly. can configure my instance there :(

Just submitted a new paper with title "New attack vectors for building automation and IoT" to in

Since there are apparently a lot of new Mastodon users today, it's a good time to mention I've put together a list of resources for Mastodon newbies:

I just watched the first episode of American Gods... It was... strange

If you want to order your village tent through us and haven't done so yet, hurry! We'll take tent orders up to 25th:

mastodon instance ist going down for maintenance for 5 minutes

@hvb @prawo_jazdy @Fuselage @m4nu @joernchen @giaco @Bongoalex wollen wir eigentlich auch emails hosten oder jabber oder irc ? auf der VM ist noch viel platz ....

Are security guards at Samsung stores called Guardians of the Galaxy?

es gibt übrigens auch Android und IOS Apps für Mastodon

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